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Friday, August 28

11:00 CEST

Political Communication with Games: A Conversation with Foreign Minister Heiko Maas GAMESCOM NOW/YOUTUBELeoni Benice Baeßler • Heiko Maas MdB Games in Social Discourse: The Handbook Games Culture GAMESCOM NOW/YOUTUBEViola Tensil • Dr. Martin Andree • Felix Falk • Dr. Karen Heinrich • Dr. Andreas Rauscher • Olaf Zimmermann Games in the Climate Crisis: Playing for the Planet GAMESCOM NOW/YOUTUBESam Barratt • Kati Levoranta • Kieren Mayers Initiative "Remembering with Games": Digital Games as Contemporary Witnesses? GAMESCOM NOW/YOUTUBEMona Brandt • Sebastian Hollstein • Nathalie Jacobsen • Dr. Eugen Pfister Political Communication with Games: A Role Model for Associations and Institutions? GAMESCOM NOW/YOUTUBETanja Baum • Martin Borchers • Martin Meingast • André Spang The Quartet of Gaming Culture: Isolation and Loneliness GAMESCOM NOW/YOUTUBEFlorian "LeFloid" Diedrich • Petra Fröhlich • Rae Grimm • Olaf Zimmermann Video Games, EU Policy Priorities and the Impact of Covid-19 GAMESCOM NOW/YOUTUBEAnn Becker • Dr. Olaf Coenen • Nick Cook • Hendrik Lesser • Eduardo Mena • Dr. Tobias Miethaner AI and Games: The Invisible Monster? GAMESCOM NOW/YOUTUBEProf. Dr. Jörg Müller-Lietzkow Classcraft: Lessons Become a Role-playing Adventure GAMESCOM NOW/YOUTUBEDaniel Jurgeleit Computer Games in Brand Communication Using the Example of KitKat GAMESCOM NOW/YOUTUBEGeorg Fischer • Thuy Ha • Daniel Jensen Political Communication with Games: Felicitas Fogg - Around the World in 80 Cards GAMESCOM NOW/YOUTUBETanja Baum • Martin Meingast Using Digital Games to Educate About Extremist Ideologies GAMESCOM NOW/YOUTUBEMartin Borchers Welcome to the gamescom congress 2020 GAMESCOM NOW/YOUTUBEFelix Falk • Oliver Frese • Nathanael Liminski • Henriette Reker Workshop: Creative Gaming - Playing with Games! ZOOM (WORKSHOPS)Christiane Schwinge Workshop: Games for Future - Games with Serious Topics. ZOOM (WORKSHOPS)Jürgen Sleegers Workshop: Holding Europe in your Hands - Using Augmented Reality to Bring Complex Relationships to Life and into the Classroom ZOOM (WORKSHOPS)Klaus Gräff • Prof. Dr. Andreas Petrik • Irene Plank • Robert Werner Workshop: Racism in Games ZOOM (WORKSHOPS)Dirk Poerschke • Renate Hillen Workshop: Video Games as Gamechanger in the Classroom? (I) ZOOM (WORKSHOPS)Annegret Montag • Dr. Nico Nolden

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